• We hired Eric (Edge Custom Homes) to paint the two upper floors of our house, including walls, trim and all doors, as well as perform some minor carpentry fixing.  Eric (Edge Custom Homes) is a renovating and painting contractor that was recommended by friends who were very impressed by their quality of work.  We were also very impressed by their processes from start to finish.  The process started with a very thorough discussion and approach that provided good quality and competitive quote.  During the entire process, they provided great communication, which was very helpful because we lived in the house a large majority of the working period.  Additionally, they applied meticulous procedures to ensure a quality product, worked efficiently around a couple of other contractor issues that occurred and were extremely accommodating when new issues were brought forth during the job.  The overall level of care for us and our job was first class.  We have hired several contractors for other jobs but Eric has certainly set an exceptional standard with us.  We were extremely happy that we selected them and will use them for future work as well as recommend them to our friends!"

    Sheldon Ibach
  • "In the summer of 2013, we were working under tight timelines to complete a number of projects within our home, in anticipation of our daughter's wedding.  We have always enjoyed home renovation and took pride in completing our own projects with care and attention to detail.  This time, we bit off a little more than we could chew!  With our deadline fast approaching, we contacted Eric (Edge Custom Homes), hopeful that we might be rescued. Rescued we were!  The company was immediately responsive to our call. Within the week, Eric Murray had come to the house, assessed what would be required, and began the process of drawing up a plan.  In short succession, we were able to review the drawings together, and agreed to proceed.  Eric demonstrated competence and experience with excellent suggestions related to our project.  He also worked to keep costs within our budget which speaks to his integrity. Once the project began, things went according to plan. I was made aware when the contractor would be on site, and we were pleased with how things took shape. The workers that were here were personable, professional and at the house when they said they would be. Edge Custom Homes also kept a clean job site which was important to us. Eric visited the sight twice a day while construction was underway, to ensure things were done to his satisfaction which we also appreciated.  Not only were we relieved to have our project completed before the wedding, but it was also beautifully done and an absolute pleasure to work with Eric. It was a stress-free experience. It is exciting to know we have established this contact for future projects, knowing now how wonderful it is to have someone else do the work sometimes, and with skill, competence and integrity!"

    Tracy McChesney
  • "We want to give a shout out to Ryan Dumaresq and bring his talents to the attention of those requiring a Contractor. A family friend first brought Ryan, “our Contractor”, to our attention in October. Since that time Ryan has undertaken numerous household enhancements, repairs, and renovation projects. Ryan's commitment to precision and perfection rival any of the renovators or contractors that we have had over the years in this house. Ryan has an amazing skill set - he has installed IKEA cabinetry in laundry room, built custom shelf over washer and dryer, custom shelf and rack for drying shirts, designed and made concrete countertop, designed and built custom cabinetry doors in 3 bathrooms, installed granite countertops, sinks, faucets, installed tile backsplash, replaced toilets and bidet. His most ambitious project was a basement bathroom renovation that involved removing a bathtub and designing & constructing an oversized shower complete with tile work and shower doors. Ryan also updated our basement flooring with vinyl planking. He built up an IKEA unit to create an awesome "shoe shelf" that blends beautifully with our existing custom cabinetry. Ryan is a master with all the basic construction tools, which he put to the test when he replaced every door and closet in the house (12 doors & 4 closets. In our 1970s house, nothing is square and many of the doors had to be cut and planed to fit. Ryan has built shelving in our furnace room, repaired drywall in the garage and replaced with car wash sheeting to ensure no further water damage. He replaced out of date track lighting & light fixtures both inside and outside the house. Ryan most recently built the most amazing covers for our air conditioners so that we don't have to look at the equipment when sitting in the back yard. There has yet to be a job too big or small for him to manage. He is beyond neat and tidy, his workspace was vacuumed at the end of every day. Ryan has an amazing disposition and has enthusiastically embraced all our crazy ideas. In the 8 months that he has been tackling the various jobs in our home, he has met almost all our family and he always makes time for conversation with them. Our children are grown (19 & 21) and Ryan regularly chats with them about either their day or weekend escapades. Ryan is an impressive, talented, and the dedicated young man who undertakes his projects with enthusiasm and professionalism. If you are looking for someone for repair, construction or renovation projects, this is your guy! Ryan has left an outstanding impression on both our home and our family. "

    Cheryl Chnoweth
  • Linda and I give Ryan and Eric and all their sub trades a 5 Star Rating. We purchased a very tired and rundown condominium in a fairly large complex with plans to renovate.  From the beginning to end, Ryan and Eric had to deal with a fairly strict Board and Management Company.  After all the work was completed the Management Company complimented them on the quality of their work and professionalism.  They also asked for their contact information to share with others with plans to renovate. We were referred to them by one of their clients who gave them a strong recommendation as did the other references that we contacted. We had a fairly tight timeline to complete the project, met with Ryan and Eric and received an estimate within a few days.  They were most helpful in providing suggestions to our initial plans, we were happy with their estimate so the project began.   They worked with us and within our timeline to complete our venture. Their objective was to renovate with the least amount of hassle for us and that was totally accomplished.  They dealt directly with the Management Company, obtaining all the permits and following the Condo Bylaws etc., etc., etc.   Their workmanship was exemplary, their timing excellent and their final invoice was very close to their initial estimate (except for some of our additions).   All in all, a very stress free project with excellent results thanks to Ryan and Eric.  We have referred them to friends of ours who are also very impressed with the quality of their work and professionalism. Thanks again for everything Ryan & Eric,  

    Linda & Leon
  • We contacted Ryan after seeing the great work he & his partner had done on remodeling a friends kitchen & bathroom. We had already rec\'d a rather vague quote from another renovation contractor, for redoing our 25 year old en suite. we were nervous as to that quote which he didn't even put in writing, "about X dollars for what you have described". Ryan was thorough, in writing & prompt to do so giving us a timetable that worked for us . He started on time, took us through the materials selection carefully at suppliers he recommended, all were as professional as was he. We got a 5 star reno in the en suite & were so impressed we went beyond to do a smaller make over in the guest bathroom & a floor up grade in the 3rd bathroom, new toilets in all 3! The entire project took a few weeks, & Ryan made sure the work site was cleaned up daily & the final cleanup done by a professional home cleaner. almost no wastage, subtrades on site were equally quality service oriented. Visitors that have seen our en suite make over have marvelled as to the quality & appearance.

    Jim Thompson
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